Decoding the Symbols

LIGHT The Woodstock Bus -Symbols Decoded

The very simplified message of the overall LIGHT bus is this: There are advanced beings in the universe in various dimensions that are assisting planet Earth’s evolution towards cosmic consciousness and One People on One Planet. You can tap into this through the LIGHT meditation, prayer and service.

Hover over each section of the bus to read a more detailed interpretation, as described by designer and symbologist Dr. Bob Hieronimus.

The Front of the Bus

The numerous stars represent a galaxy or the milky way, birthplace of life in the universe.

The wings represent spirit.

The circled cross in the center of the wings relates to the builders of the universe or four elements: earth, air, fire and water. The serpent biting its tail…

The Sphinx Side

The Sphinx represents the mystery schools of the ancients (Egypt, India, Hebrews) where initiates were taught the science of spirituality allowing them to learn who and why they are here and their purpose on planet Earth.

The Sphinx itself symbolizes the spiritual conscious control (human head)…

The Eagle/Light Side

The eagle is the prominent symbol on the driver’s side, embracing the name of the bus “LIGHT,” which originated from the Light Meditations we learned in the 60s.

The eagle represents the United States of America, established as a center of light (wisdom), and destined to regenerate…

The Rear of the Bus

The rear of the bus is about balancing feminine and masculine energies.

At the bottom left is fire, related to the masculine, outgoing, electric energy, the power of the gods, the color of gold and sun. On the lower right are waves of water linked to the power of the goddess and the color of the moon…

The Roof of the Bus

At the front end of the roof we see the word “Pray” (or talking with the Deity) painted in silver and surrounded by the solar vibrations of gold. Above “Pray” is a golden moon of internal meditation (or listening to the Deity). To the left of the moon is a comet symbolizing change.

To the right is the water bearer Aquarius painted in gold with a silver urn pouring its energies into the universe. The teachings of Aquarius are focused on Brother-Sisterhood.

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