At the front end of the roof we see the word “Pray” (or talking with the Deity) painted in silver and surrounded by the solar vibrations of gold. Above “Pray” is a golden moon of internal meditation (or listening to the Deity). To the left of the moon is a comet symbolizing change.

To the right is the water bearer Aquarius painted in gold with a silver urn pouring its energies into the universe. The teachings of Aquarius are focused on Brother-Sisterhood.

The center of the roof is dominated by stripes from the American flag in red (masculine) and white (feminine). From these waves both the comet and Aquarius emerge.

At the back end of the roof we see 10 red flowers from which the red and white stripes emerge. These 10 Lotus Flowers are symbols for growth and the cycles of life and death – a time to sow and a time to reap. The number 10 is a reflection of the 10 spheres or sephiroth found on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

In summary, the roof says when humankind balances its energies and activates all its energy centers and uses both prayer and meditation resulting in service to others, it enters the heaven worlds.

The Colors used on the LIGHT Bus: Each color is related to an important meaning, the main characteristics of these colors are: Black is unmanifest and potential; White is purity and honor; Gold is Spirit; Silver is intuition; Violet is spirituality and wisdom; Blue is religious inspiration; Green is harmony and sympathy; Yellow is intellect and magnanimity; Orange is energy and pride; Red is life and power; Brown is acquisitiveness and materialism.


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