Three members of Savitria, late 60s. Original photo by the Baltimore Sun.

The story goes…

The LIGHT meditation is the inspiration for the name of both the rock band and the VW bus LIGHT.

Backstage at Light gigs, Bob Hieronimus would gather the band to do the Light meditation before they went on stage. This moment of meditation would get the members into a harmonious groove together to perform even tighter.  Trudy Morgal, Light vocalist, characterized Dr. Bob as a kind of guru for the band who would also get them gigs from his connections.

Light’s guitarist Bob Grimm commissioned Bob to paint the Light bus in 1968. The story goes: Grimm turned to Hieronimus one day and said “I want you to paint me a magic bus.” Soon, his band’s gear bus was transformed with murals full of the symbols Hieronimus was deeply immersed in at the time.

Learn the meditation

Join us in spreading LIGHT to the world by learning this simple, non-denominational, healing meditation from Susan Beverly, a former member of the Savitria commune, where the LIGHT Bus lived after Woodstock. The symbols and teaching displayed on the bus are also the backbone of the AUM Esoteric Study Center, the first state-approved school of occult metaphysics in the nation. Savitria is now the home of the AUM Esoteric Study Center and Ruscombe Mansion holistic healing center in Baltimore, Maryland.


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