Pray — Meditate — Serve

The Light MEDITATION is the inspiration for the name of both the rock band and the VW bus LIGHT. Join us in spreading LIGHT to the world by learning this simple, non-denominational, healing meditation from Susan Beverly, a former member of the Savitria commune, where the LIGHT Bus lived after Woodstock. Savitria is now the home of the AUM Esoteric Study Center and Ruscombe Mansion holistic healing center.

Decoding the Front of the Bus

Orobourous Sketch 01BW

Artist and designer Bob Hieronimus teaches through symbols. He says the message on the front of the LIGHT bus is about the Age of Aquarius, when humanity will be aligned with the divine plan through cosmic vibration. The serpent biting its tail is called an Ouroboros, symbolizing eternity and cyclic renewal.


Inside the Ouroboros are symbols for the Sun (higher or spiritual self), Saturn (karma), Jupiter (expansion of consciousness), Venus (harmony), Mars (activity), Mercury (mind), and the Moon (personality).


The central circle is the heart, symbolizing the cohesive force of the universe, which is Love. One People, One Planet!

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