The Light Bus Now on Display at the Saratoga Automobile Museum

 In Light Bus, On the Road

55 years of friendship and counting! – Dr. Bob with Bob Grimm, the bus’s original owner

This past week, Dr. Bob finally got the opportunity to head up to Saratoga Springs to see the Light Bus on display at the beautiful Saratoga Automobile Museum. We were impressed with their staff and especially the volunteer crew who graciously pulled together a last-minute gathering for Bob Grimm and Dr. Bob to discuss the message and history of the LIGHT. You wouldn’t expect many folks to turn up to an event announced only a day

Dr. Bob and Laura Cortner with a auto museum volunteer

 or two before, but the turnout was such that the volunteers kept having to acquire more chairs as visitors arrived (one gentleman even came from four hours away, and revealed he had also been in California in 2019 for the renovated LIGHT Bus’s unveiling! It was a gracious and hospitable reception – and again, many thanks to the crew for hosting us even when we showed up 2 hours early!

Bob and Bob arrive at the museum!

Bob Grimm is a friend of over 50 years to Dr. Bob and the original owner of the LIGHT bus (read the origin story here), Talking about the power of visualization and sending light, he got a bit emotional. The bus is so visually captivating that sometimes viewers forget the profound message it carries, but the central mission has always been the same: Prayer, Meditation, and Service. Bob Grimm carries that practice with him and it was a true blessing to have him share that experience along with his music with those that attended.

Check out the Light Bus’s neighbor at the Saratoga Automobile Museum 😍

Ever the educator, Dr. Bob spent much of his visit giving out books from the 21st Century Radio prize library as well as a few copies of his own and Dr. Zohara Hieronimus’s publications. The museum curator Brandon and executive director Megan especially got plenty of copies. Brandon turned out to have a big interest in UFOs which of course made for an easy connection with Dr. Bob’s reading material. Thank you to both of them for their work on the exhibit, as well as docent Mark Axel who has taken special care to elevate the display with additional items from his personal collection. They all talked about other ideas to incorporate more of the symbolic interpretation into the exhibit, so if you haven’t been by yet, please plan your trip soon! It’s a great way to show support and that people are interested in learning about the bus. Plus, they’ve got a wonderful museum full of truly beautiful automobiles that are well worth the visit.

Ringing the bell – it took 8 tries!

On Thursday, we paid a visit to Radio Woodstock. The station has been around since 1980 and today resides in a beautifully renovated church on Rt. 28 in West Hurley. We first met these new friends in LA back in June, when they Emcee’d and DJ’d the big event sponsored by Volkswagen America unveiling of their electric microbes.  

Dr. Bob getting deep about symbology on Radio Woodstock

They invited Dr. Bob down to the station for an interview on the LIGHT. He even got to ring the church bell, an activity reserved for special guests. The conversation ranged from discussing the resurrection of the Woodstock bus, the eye in the triangle and other symbols that frequently appear in Dr. Bob’s artwork, and his experience meeting Jimi Hendrix back in the 60s. When it airs, we’ll be sure to post an update!

The rest of the time was spent with family and relaxing. Traveling is quite an event for Dr. Bob these days, so it was great to have time to relax after so much work connecting with new people and sharing the message of LIGHT. Thank you again to all who came out – Oh, and special thanks to Peter Alou who drove from four hours away to attend the event on Wednesday. A friend of Skinners Classics is a friend of ours!

The Bobs with the gracious Peter Alou

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