The eagle is the prominent symbol on the driver’s side, embracing the name of the bus “LIGHT,” which originated from the Light Meditations we learned in the 1960s.

The eagle represents the United States of America, established as a center of light (wisdom), and destined to regenerate the planet.

The surrounding symbols indicate America’s destiny can be forecast through its past connections to the ancient Egyptian and other mystery schools, symbolized by the pyramid.

The rising sun indicates the emergence and rebirth of the spirit, and the five pointed star is victory of the intuitive mind over the four elements, or the process of transformation or regeneration.

As a symbol, the eagle is also one of the higher aspects of Scorpio (standing for rebirth and regeneration). Directly above the Eagle is a phrase in an alphabet from old Atlantis that reads “Out of the darkness cometh the light.”

The Egyptian hieroglyphs that follow spell out “Destiny.” On the driver’s side door is a symbol for Isis, the great goddess, and below that a cartouche with the throne name of Thutmose III. The Sanskrit script above them reads: “Brahman is real, the world is illusion, Jiva is Brahman and naught else.”

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