The Sphinx represents the mystery schools of the ancients (Egypt, India, Hebrews) where initiates were taught the science of spirituality allowing them to learn who and why they are here and their purpose on planet Earth. The Sphinx itself symbolizes the spiritual conscious control (human head) over animal instincts (animal body).

This Egyptian Sphinx is suggesting a much more ancient origin with the circled trident on its rear flank from the Atlantean mystery tradition, and the blue stele with a symbol of the even more ancient Mu or Lemuria between the Sphinx’s front paws.

The Judaic mystery schools are represented by a series of six pointed stars behind the Sphinx.

To the left of the Sphinx is a red heart with an ankh inside and a flaming cup above it, a symbol from the Knight’s Templar of Aquarius.

Above and to the left is the scarab beetle, symbol of rebirth. India’s mystery traditions are represented by the green serpent beneath the Sphinx depicting the 10 divine incarnations of Vishnu, or the teachings of the deity making a deliberate descent to Earth for a specific purpose of returning social or cosmic order.

On the passenger side door is the symbol for Isis, the door to the Egyptian mysteries. Above this is some script in Hebrew, taken from the Sepher Yezirah (the book of Formation), translated as “Limitless Light.” The Egyptian hieroglyph next to it reads, “Fortune.”

To the right of the Isis symbol on the passenger side door is an ankh combined with a six pointed star.

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