The rear of the bus is about balancing feminine and masculine energies.

At the bottom left is fire, related to the masculine, outgoing, electric energy, the power of the gods, the color of gold and the sun.

On the lower right are waves of water linked to the feminine magnetic force, which gives birth, protects, and is linked to the power of the goddess and the color of silver and the moon.

From the mixture of these gold and silver vibrations rises a golden sun above the license plate, with golden rays emanating from it. Within the rays are the silver symbols linked to the major religions:

  • the triangle (Egyptian),
  • the sun (Hinduism);
  • the cross (Buddhism);
  • the six-pointed star (Judaism);
  • the interconnected angles (Orphic);
  • the five-pointed star (Zoroastrian);
  • the four-petaled Rosate (Christian);
  • the seven-pointed star which is the ritualistic aspect of all religions and Masonry

Above the rays of the sun are the words “S/He Is Coming.”  Note the “S” in “She” is silver, but the rest of the phrase is in gold, again, a balance of the masculine and feminine.

Above this phrase is “Shalom,” Hebrew for peace, which is the result of the balancing of these male/female energies.

The artist’s name is above the window.

The far left corner of the rear of the bus contains a symbol of the teachings of the Mystery School the Knight’s Templar of Aquarius.

The far right side shows a pyramid (intiatic temple) with the mystery school teachings emanating from it.

On the bumper is written “We Live To Serve,” the motto of the Aquarian Age, with the hieroglyph for Isis, the great goddess, in the middle. The many lines are indicative of the cosmic vibrations that connects all of us to every living thing.

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