Decoding the Symbols

LIGHT The Woodstock Bus -Symbols Decoded

the FRONT of the bus

The numerous stars represent a galaxy or the milky way, birthplace of life in the universe. The wings represent spirit. The circled cross in the center of the wings relates to the builders of the universe or four elements: earth, air, fire and water. The serpent biting its tail (Ouroboros, symbol of eternity) has inside it eight planetary circles. Moving counter-clockwise: the Sun (symbol of the higher self); Saturn (for karma); Jupiter (symbol of expansion of consciousness); Venus (for harmony); Mars (for activity); Mercury (for the mind); Moon (the personality). The central circle is the heart (the cohesive force of the universe, Love). Emanating from the left of the Ouroboros is a hand holding an Egyptian Sistrum (cosmic vibration) and to the right is a fish swallowing cosmic vibrations from the urn of Aquarius above it on the roof. The fish is “Piscis Austrailius,” a symbol for the first 10 degrees of Aquarius, meaning the dissemination of spiritual teachings (waters from Aquarius) given to the multitudes (fish) assuring regeneration or a rebirth of soul consciousness. Below the Ouroboros in the lower center is a UFO, representing extraterrestrials, inner-terrestrials, inner-dimensionals and spiritual hierarchies of the universe. Front bumper says “Christ in You”; “Ra Om”; and “Voice of Silence.” Christ in You refers to the Christos, or the awakening of our consciousness to the DivineNature or “Soul Consciousness,” sometimes called “Christ Consciousness” or “Buddha Consciousness.” The mantra Ra Om is made up of the masculine RA and the feminine OM. Joining these two sacred words together forms a balanced and effective mantra to assist you in achieving this meditative state where you can connect with your “Christ Consciousness.” The Voice of Silence is your higher spiritual self. In order to hear it, you have to be silent.


The Eagle or Light Side


The eagle is the prominent symbol on the driver’s side, embracing the name of the bus “LIGHT,” which originated from the Light Meditations we learned in the 1960s (learn it yourself at The eagle represents the United States of America, established as a center of light (wisdom), and destined to regenerate the planet. The surrounding symbols indicate America’s destiny can be forecast through its past connections to the ancient Egyptian and other mystery schools, symbolized by the pyramid. The rising sun indicates the emergence and rebirth of the spirit, and the five pointed star is victory of the intuitive mind over the four elements, or the process of transformation or regeneration. As a symbol, the eagle is also one of the higher aspects of Scorpio (standing for rebirth and regeneration). Directly above the Eagle is a phrase in an alphabet from old Atlantis that reads “Out of the darkness cometh the light.” The Egyptian hieroglyphs that follow spell out “Destiny.” On the driver’s side door is a symbol for Isis, the great goddess, and below that a cartouche with the throne name of Thutmose III. The Sanskrit script above them reads: “Brahman is real, the world is illusion, Jiva is Brahman and naught else.”

The Sphinx Side

The Sphinx represents the mystery schools of the ancients (Egypt, India, Hebrews) where initiates were taught the science of spirituality allowing them to learn who and why they are here and their purpose on planet Earth. The Sphinx itself symbolizes the spiritual conscious control (human head) over animal instincts (animal body). This Egyptian Sphinx is suggesting a much more ancient origin with the circled trident on its rear flank from the Atlantean mystery tradition, and the blue stele with a symbol of the even more ancient Mu or Lemuria between the Sphinx’s front paws. The Judaic mystery schools are represented by a series of six pointed stars behind the Sphinx. To the left of the Sphinx is a red heart with an ankh inside and a flaming cup above it, a symbol from the Knight’s Templar of Aquarius. Above and to the left is the scarab beetle, symbol of rebirth. India’s mystery traditions are represented by the green serpent beneath the Sphinx depicting the 10 divine incarnations of Vishnu, or the teachings of the deity making a deliberate descent to Earth for a specific purpose of returning social or cosmic order. On the passenger side door is the symbol for Isis, the door to the Egyptian mysteries. Above this is some script in Hebrew, taken from the Sepher Yezirah (the book of Formation), translated as “Limitless Light.” The Egyptian hieroglyph next to it reads, “Fortune.” To the right of the Isis symbol on the passenger side door is an ankh combined with a six pointed star.


the REAR of the bus


The rear of the bus is about balancing feminine and masculine energies.  At the bottom left is fire, related to the masculine, outgoing, electric energy, the power of the gods, the color of gold and the sun. On the lower right are waves of water linked to the feminine magnetic force, which gives birth, protects, and is linked to the power of the goddess and the color of silver and the moon. From the mixture of these gold and silver vibrations rises a golden sun above the license plate, with golden rays emanating from it. Within the rays are the silver symbols linked to the major religions: the triangle (Egyptian), the sun (Hinduism); the cross (Buddhism); the six-pointed star (Judaism); the interconnected angles (Orphic); the five-pointed star (Zoroastrian); the four-petaled Rosate (Christian); and the seven-pointed star which is the ritualistic aspect of all religions and Masonry. Above the rays of the sun are the words “S/He Is Coming.”  Note the “S” in “She” is silver, but the rest of the phrase is in gold, again, a balance of the masculine and feminine. Above this phrase is “Shalom,” Hebrew for peace, which is the result of the balancing of these male/female energies.  The artist’s name is above the window. The far left corner of the rear of the bus contains a symbol of the teachings of the Mystery School the Knight’s Templar of Aquarius. The far right side shows a pyramid (intiatic temple) with the mystery school teachings emanating from it. On the bumper is written “We Live To Serve,” the motto of the Aquarian Age, with the hieroglyph for Isis, the great goddess, in the middle. The many lines are indicative of the cosmic vibrations that connects all of us to every living thing.

the ROOF

At the front end of the roof we see the word “Pray” (or talking with the Deity) painted in silver and surrounded by the solar vibrations of gold. Above “Pray” is a golden moon of internal meditation (or listening to the Deity). To the left of the moon is a comet symbolizing change. To the right is the water bearer Aquarius painted in gold with a silver urn pouring its energies into the universe. The teachings of Aquarius are focused on Brother-Sisterhood.  The center of the roof is dominated by stripes from the American flag in red (masculine) and white (feminine). From these waves both the comet and Aquarius emerge. At the back end of the roof we see 10 red flowers from which the red and white stripes emerge. These 10 Lotus Flowers are symbols for growth and the cycles of life and death – a time to sow and a time to reap. The number 10 is a reflection of the 10 spheres or sephiroth found on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. In summary, the roof says when humankind balances its energies and activates all its energy centers and uses both prayer and meditation resulting in service to others, it enters the heaven worlds.

The Colors used on the LIGHT Bus: Each color is related to an important meaning, the main characteristics of these colors are: Black is unmanifest and potential; White is purity and honor; Gold is Spirit; Silver is intuition; Violet is spirituality and wisdom; Blue is religious inspiration; Green is harmony and sympathy; Yellow is intellect and magnanimity; Orange is energy and pride; Red is life and power; Brown is acquisitiveness and materialism.

The very simplified message of the overall LIGHT bus is this: There are advanced beings in the universe in various dimensions that are assisting planet Earth’s evolution towards cosmic consciousness and One People on One Planet. You can tap into this through the LIGHT meditation, prayer and service.


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